MIC-Phy 2021

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Challenges and problems in phylogenomics

MIC-Phy2021 brings together researchers working on very different questions and with diverse research interests. We have participants working on theoretical models, computational tools, statistical methods, and empirical questions. Thus, this meeting is an excellent opportunity for us to discuss the main challenges and problems that phylogenomics is currently facing.

We created a list of four topics that, while not mutually exclusive, categorize quite well four fronts of research in phylogenomics:

  1. Are the existing mathematical models realistic enough? What are the consequences of oversimplification? Do we need more or more complex models of evolution?

  2. Do we need more data? What kind of data? Can we cope with the growth of available data?

  3. What are the main computational limitations in phylogenomic studies? Do we need improved computational methods or more power?

  4. Are we maximizing the information contained in the data? How likely is it that we are increasingly confident of an incorrect result? Should we focus on developing advanced inferential methods or exploring heuristics and approximate methods?